Styled Shoot

I can't even begin to express the talent that was pulled together to complete this styled bridal shoot. I was beyond fortunate to use the best florist, makeup artist, stylist, hair stylist and models in the industry. Here is a little bit of gush on who took part in the shoot.

Unique Southern Charm is owned by one of the sweetest caring people, Cheri. She is devoted to her craft and to understanding her brides aesthetic and going beyond their expectations. On the day of the shoot she dropped off all of the bouquets and hair pieces, and my jaw hit the floor. I was blown away by the combination of colors, textures and pairings of flowers. Her talent is on a whole other level and I am completely honored her creations were a part of the shoot. She comes highly highly recommended. 

Dina Bree is beautiful on the inside and out. Her makeup artisty brings out the natural beauty in her clients. She truly is the best and I was selfishly sad that she recently moved to San Diego because she was taking her amazing talents with her. She reveals this natural beauty in her makeup artistry that is so pure. The looks she helped enhance for the shoot were breathtaking and again, her talent blew me away! She is in a league of her own. 

 The Bridal Collection is a lovely bridal salon in Denver that carries a variety of dresses at a variety of price points, so they accommodate all types of brides. They were so gracious to loan their dresses to me for the day and allowed me to take them for a stroll around a farm and fields. They are lucky to have the brilliant Jordan as a bridal stylist in their store. This girl knows her stuff, and can pull looks together and amp up the vision a bride has for her look on her wedding day. With her hand and her eye she was able to take the shoot beyond my dreams.  

The owners of The Beehive Salon graced us with their natural talent and created breathtaking stylings of hair for all of the models. Not only were they fun to be around, but they were quick, and took each look and bumped it up a few notches. I can't tell you enough how great they are and what a blessing they were to contribute to the looks of the models.

I am beyond grateful for all of the talent that was combined for this shoot. Here are a few of my favorite images from the first model.


Styled Shoot_0036.jpg
Styled Shoot_0035.jpg
Styled Shoot_0047.jpg
Styled Shoot_0056.jpg
Styled Shoot_0069.jpg
Styled Shoot_0075.jpg
Styled Shoot_0089.jpg
Styled Shoot_0097.jpg
Styled Shoot_0100.jpg
Styled Shoot_0101.jpg
Posted on August 2, 2013 .

Diane and Sean

I love the newness and freshness that engagements bring. Diane and Sean together came to a new city, moved into a new home, with new jobs and will soon be newly married. One thing that isn't new is the love and deep friendship that the share with one another. They were comfortable, carefree, and their steps were light being with one another. They are a joy to be around I am so excited for them and the new adventure in marriage ahead of them! Thank you so much for letting me capture your love!

Diane and Sean Engagement_0001.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0003.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0008.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0019.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0027.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0028.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0032.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0072.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0079.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0083.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0086.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0095.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0087.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0112.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0104.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0134.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0129.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0110.jpg
Diane and Sean Engagement_0172.jpg
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Laura and Kevin

Laura is a sweet girl from the south whose heart for the mountains led her to Colorado. While rock climbing one day she met her love Kevin. Kevin is the owner and guide of Denver Mountain Guiding. (check them out here) You can now find Laura and Kevin every weekend in the mountains teaching, guiding and helping others explore the great outdoors through rock climbing. I had such a fantastic time shooting these two and spending the afternoon together with them. I am looking forward to their mountain wedding coming up in a few weeks!! 

Laura and Kevin_0001.jpg
Laura and Kevin_0008.jpg
Laura and Kevin_0017.jpg
Laura and Kevin_0046.jpg
Laura and Kevin_0095.jpg
Laura and Kevin_0118.jpg
Laura and Kevin_0060.jpg
Laura and Kevin_0160.jpg
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Erin and Ronnie Wedding

Erin and Ronnie's dating relationship was mostly separated by distance and when Erin and Ronnie are around one another it as if the world is turned off and they are focused intently on one another. Ronnie will kiss her hand often and Erin will look deep into his eyes when he speaks. They respect one another and cherish their time together as if it is their last. It was such a joy to be in attendance at their wedding. I absolutely have adored all of my time I have spent with them and am so excited for them to be near one another now that they are married. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your day, all the hope and goodness to you both!!!

Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0001.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0005.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0017.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0050.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0060.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0062.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0046.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0091.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0112.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0125.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0172.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0175.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0187.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0202.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0204.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0284.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0305.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0329.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0355.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0360.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0454.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0456.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0461.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0571.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0578.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0685.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0651.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0666.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0714.jpg
Erin and Ronnie Wedding_0702.jpg
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Anne and Bill

Anne is a one-in-a-million kind of girl. She exudes confidence, grace, humility, and poise in all of her interactions. Who she is at her core is what makes her so deeply loved and cherished by her family and close friends. 

One aspect of Anne and Bill's wedding that was an honor to witness was the toast given by Anne's father. He choked back tears multiple times as he described giving his daughter away and passing her care unto Bill. You could hear the love, beaming pride and joy in his voice as he spoke blessings over their marriage. 

Anne and Bill, it was such a joy taking part in your wedding day. I was blown away by the kindness and grace that filled your day. I am grateful to know such quality people, and love knowing that you both will be adventuring together throughout the world the rest of your lives. Thank You!

A big huge thank you to the wonderful Joelle of Sarah Joelle Photography who was a tremendous help and assisted me throughout the day. 


Annie and Bill Wedding-4.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-22.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-32.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-29.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-57.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-63.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-68.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-85.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-98.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-108.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-115.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-161.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-59.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-171.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-175.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-188.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-208.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-227.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-223.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-237.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-241.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-247.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-267.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-307.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-333.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-383.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-390.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-395.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-430.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-451.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-488.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-509.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-525.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-554.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-556.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-564.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-588.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-726.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-719.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-749.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-775.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-870.jpg
Annie and Bill Wedding-896.jpg
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Erin and Ronnie

To say that I love my job is a complete understatement. I am living my ultimate dream job. What makes my job a dream is I meet and learn from the most genuine, courageous, beautiful people who live extraordinary lives. Learning about my couples lives, the way they were brought together and their hope filled futures brings so much excitement and joy into my daily life. Each couple contains different qualities peculiar to themselves which makes each wedding day an adventure to explore. 

Erin and Ronnie share a strong bond of love and care for one another. They have experienced a lot of life together and at a long distance so when they are near one another they are always finding each others hand to hold, they look deep into each each others eyes and give full attention when their other is talking, they both make efforts to gain perspective when conflict or stress is upon them. They exhibit a deep love and respect for one another that is a challenging example. I am so fortunate to have them in my life and am grateful to document the love they share for each another. 

Posted on June 17, 2013 .

Holding his hand

Catching glimpses of love shared between husband and wives who have been together for mere moments or for 28 years is always so fresh, light and beautiful to my heart. Marriage can be hard and tested through many trials. It takes years of love, patience, forgiveness, selflessness and compromise. It is worth the fight and the reward ahead is holding tightly the hand of the man you have loved through it all.

Amanda and Ryan-486.jpg
Posted on February 15, 2013 .